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What We Do

We offer direct consultations with people aspiring to become digital nomads. We tailor each consultation for your needs. We figure out your skill sets as our starting point, and we work from there. 

We have also produced, and have access to, hundreds of resources and courses that will help you succeed as a digital nomad. 

Don’t sit around wasting more time you do not have. 

Life is too short to let opportunity upon opportunity pass you by. This time next year you could be sat in the Maldives sipping cocktails after your 4 hour workday. 


Founder and Traveller

Why work with me? 

I have spent my life building businesses and travelling. Now I’m a full time digital nomad. So I live what I preach.  I’m not sat in an office in the UK or US. I’m out in the world meeting new digital nomads and entrepreneurs every single day.  

I chose this path because I wanted to combine my passions of serial entrepreneur and traveller, with my passion to help people change their lifestyle. I want people of all ages to be able to live a stress-free life, anywhere they can dream of in the world.

Michael Hayles
Michael Hayles



The digital nomads go to dream destination, and with reason. Want to know all about visa requirements and the best hangouts for Nomads then let us send you some free literature

South America

With Colombia fast becoming the digital nomad capitol of the world, with a very cheap living cost, it’s easy to see why nomads are flocking to South America 

Lisbon, Portugal

Great weather, amazing food and a tight nomad community make this place a favourite nomad destination in Europe. 

Phong Nha, Vietnam.

Vietnam is fast becoming the adventure capital of South East Asia. This should definitely be on the list of every wannabe digital nomad. 


With so many amazing and cheap cities to choose from, Thailand goes from strength to strength year after year with digital nomads. 

Cape Town

Cape Town is a recent winner of the prestigious Design Capital of the World Award, so it’s no wonder this place is on every nomad’s lips right now. 


Ash, Canada: Always been playing with the idea of becoming a full-time nomad, but after meeting Mike and Working with him, I've taken the plunge now and live out of my backpack.

Rocky, Georgia: The change in my life since coming across Mike has been exponential. He taught me how to live the lifestyle of the jet set on less money and how to make money along the way.

Maria, Argentina: Truly I am lucky to have come across Mike on my holiday. He taught me how to use Ads Manager for FB/IG in less than a few days and how to source paying clients.


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